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In recent years, the mobile betting industry has exploded. Today, you can place wagers on any sports from your tablet or smartphone. The best systems work smoothly on Android and iOS, with a variety of gambling options and payment systems. But what is the best app for betting on the move?

Apps vs. Sites

Compared to platforms, apps offer many more benefits for players. In fact, there is no reason to keep your money on a desktop site if you have an app. Mobile betting gives the full package of perks. 

You can place wagers wherever you are, 24/7. All you need is access to the internet and a smart device. Consider these typical situations:

  • You get a promising tip a few minutes before the game, but you do not have access to your desktop computer. 
  • You were planning to get to a brick-and-mortar sportsbook at a specific time, but something came up.
  • You forgot the event was today, but still want to monetize your predictions.

What Sports Are You Interested In?

Most popular apps cover a wide spectrum of sports. Some websites place more emphasis on specific types like soccer. Others gravitate towards esports. Quality also varies across the board. Therefore, if you are planning to profit from particular types of events, look for apps with a corresponding focus.

Features of the Best Sports Betting Apps

Making a choice is a challenge, particularly if you have never used a betting app before. There are literally hundreds of providers with different levels of service, quality, and security. Here are the most critical factors that set the best apps apart.

Safety and Security

These are the top two criteria for any experienced bettor. You need to be sure the app can be trusted, and withdrawals will be effortless. Protection of sensitive data is an issue popular providers take seriously. If you choose a random app without research, you may be putting your capital at risk.


All betting apps have bonus systems to attract new users. Comparing them is easy. If you can get free money for betting, why not grab it? Naturally, the bonuses should not be your primary criteria, but they can still give you some free cash. Make sure they are easy to clear and available for users of your level.

Banking Options

Popular betting apps for Android and iOS work with multiple payment methods. Members use their debit or credit cards, electronic wallets, vouchers, and bank transfers. Some systems have added cryptocurrencies to the mix.  Banking options are versatile, while transactions are secure and safe. Depending on the method, they are processed instantly, within a few hours or a few days.

The Bottom Line

In 2021, sports fans place wagers from home, work, while on the bus, at the bar, or anywhere else. Thanks to apps, betting is more flexible than ever. The best apps are secure and versatile, with a broad spectrum of sports and payment options.

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