5 Safe Ways to Make Money on Sports Betting


Spectators have placed wagers on events as long as they were held. Modern betting offers different ways to make a profit. Here are the five safest options in 2021.

Matched Betting

This method is based on promotions and free bets, which are now offered by many online platforms. Matched betting has a math equation at its core. It reduces your dependence on luck, making the system risk-free.

The idea is to use incentives from bookies. First, you bet on a certain outcome at the bookmaker. At the same time, you bet against the same result with similar odds at an exchange. These are platforms like Betfair or Smarkets. 

As a result, you will either break even or win. In any event, your two wagers will get mutually canceled. This is similar to what traders do in the financial markets. They take opposite positions to minimize their risks.

Betting Contests

Contests are ideal for sports fans with sufficient knowledge, but limited financial resources. Not everyone is eager to risk their own capital. Fans can enroll in contests where bets require only virtual money or net units. Such events are held by all popular forums dedicated to sports betting.

Find a suitable contest and compete with other participants using imaginary currency. If you succeed, you will get real money as a prize. The competitions are sponsored by online sportsbooks, which often send the winnings to your e-wallet. Some apps allow you to watch sports contests live and place bets in the process. 

Arbitrage Betting

This is another guaranteed way to limit the risks. By placing multiple wagers on different sites, you can make a small profit (1{d2e977135fde58396d3bf52423716d4fe9b82c6aae66925a256483d3b4de7bd0} is great) whatever the outcome. The logic is based on the difference in odds. Unlike matched betting, this technique does not use bonuses. On the downside, many sites have started to detect such actions and restrict the stakes. 

Tipster Betting

Tipsters provide advice to players who do not want to make decisions on their own. Plenty of these services are found on social media, but you should do some research to find a trusted source. Look for tipsters with a track record of at least a year.

Betting Affiliate Services

This method is useful for website owners. They post ads from betting sites and earn a commission when their users sign up. The trick is also used by many tipster services and review sites that recommend particular sportsbooks. 

To Conclude

As you can see, there are many ways to make money from bets. To lower the risks, you can use arbitrage or matched betting. Tipsters provide advice for a fee, and affiliate schemes may let you monetize your website.

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